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robertcortez (in Houston, TX)Magazine art director. Co-founder, Sodapop Journal. Tweeting movies, TV, video games, podcasts, gadgetry, music and graphic design.
JohnnyOthers (in Sunny Brighton)Musician, Freelance Writer specialising in green issues, travel, food & drink & music. PR, Copywriter, Managing editor
neurotik_nurse (in cincinnati/ohio)
mglazer (in New York)Global head of user technology training at Morgan Stanley • I help clients solve business issues through learning initiatives
TheCultureMind (in Melbourne, Australia)Active - mountain biking, digital at, house renovating + family: wife / baby son.
sophiehenson Illustrator | Designer | Typographer -
Jermolene (in London)I'm Jeremy Ruston, creator of TiddlyWiki, currently working at BT. See,,
AlishaMurphy (in New Orleans)deLiSH. a lover of love, cats, travel, & celeb gossip.
wryanturner (in Seattle)I lead the social media practice at ZAAZ, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency. I am a farmer's market devotee, and I cook.
Silvia_Azmitia (in Adelaide, South Australia)Marketing and Branding Strategist. Salvadorean accent. Loves her family, Red Bull, Argentina and Coopers.

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