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tilgovi (in Providence, RI)Student, Programmer, Producer, DJ, Explorer
Linkable (in Utrecht, Netherlands)Owner at Thinkbright / UX / IA / Usability / Design / Student Digital Communication @ HU + Minor Cognitive Psychology @ UU / Music, movies, photography, reading
bsigrist (in Columbia, SC)Geography graduate student at USC . Remote Sensing, web-based GIS, and spatial databases.
stopthepop (in St. Hanshaugen, Europe/Oslo)Advertising student at NKF. Frilance webdesigner. Art director at Jeg! (zine). Aspiring copywriter and a brain for hire!
mattbook (in √úT: 41.017404,-83.673404)Christ-follower, family man, musician, programmer
demonicmurry (in Los Angeles, CA)USC graduate student in cinema critical studies and business. Always looking for work whether its writing or video editing.
MsMagic (in chesterfield. )I'm Becca- no longer a student, still learning- a veggie- i like cats and cows, tattoos, dying my hair, my boyfriend flossy, and the theatre.- i dont like feet.
jc_323 (in San Jose, CA)Grad student. Preschool teacher. Super cool lady with a flair for spilling on myself while eating.
FireboltX (in India)Music Freak | Internet Addict | High School Student | Blogger | Tech Enthusiast | Genderqueer | Baby Butch | Lesbian
jdorner (in Transylvania County, North Car)Computer Trainer - NCCES ; Programmer - Self employed; Rescue Lt. - Cedar Mtn. Fire Rescue; Past Scoutmaster - Troop 701 Brevard, NC

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