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conhopper (in Washington D.C.)I'm the Chief Editor for AeroXperience, a blog and community for Windows enthusiasts. I also consider myself to be a generally awesome guy. Chin up!
MMiddleton (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)Check out my LinkedIn profile at
mbj (in Indianapolis, IN)Apartment Marketing Geek, The Marketing Nerd, Golfer, Wakeboarder, Wii Player, Lexus Enthusiast, I'm a Mac & a PC, and a Family Man
anarchivist (in Brooklyn, NY)archives professional, beer geek, python hacker
Dr_Ironfish (in You'll never find me.)First generation supervillain. Doctor with dubious credentials, and a healthy obssesion with world domination and all things evil.
cgutteridge (in Southampton, UK)Web and EPrints guy at University of Southampton
mattvogt (in Los Angeles)Windows Admin by day, everything admin at home by night. One of the only yay Jesus, Lunux, Mac, Microsoft people I know.
jtrant (in toronto, ontario)a museum-type who's been on-line a long time, and thought and written about it a lot. also the voice of the museums and the web conference @mw2009.
kevonil (in Toronto, Ontario)tech enthusiast, hard core foodie, looking for the next great song to play to death, traveller and social butterfly
nphase (in Chicago, IL)CTO x3: Pathfinder Media, MyType, Intake1

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