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joethemusician (in iPhone: 29.621061,-82.372719)26, orchestral musician, Former Classical sax turned doubler (sax/clarinet/oboe/flute/bsn), vegan, gamer, cigar enthusiast, soccer fan, comedian?
stephendavis02 CEO of Davis Marketing|Time Magazine Man of the Year 2006 |Gadget geek |Vegan |Music Aficionado
johnytyh (in Sao Paulo, Brazil)new media enthusiast, aspiring scientist, culture paradox, skeptic, geek
doc1online (in Manchester)Irish blade, geek, music lover, weller fanatic, communicator, getting by on twitter, coffee, Man City, Gigs, mates, running and a random life
permanent4 (in Durham, NC)Dave is the host of the Dave's Lounge music podcast. He is also a fan of many types of football, a longtime swing dancer and gadget wonk.
omgjaffacakes (in London)I love music. A lot.
Frekie (in ODB)I'm a 16 year old bachelor fresh from highschool, and my passions are music, football and girls (in complete random order)
ssnape (in Hogwarts Castle)Professor Severus Snape; Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House; Debtor to the darkness; Man of simplistic pleasures.
ep_scarlett (in Sweet Home Alabama)Part feline vegetarian music addict/internet junkie with coffee in her veins who makes a living teaching journalism and studying history.
colleennika (in NYC + London)I write about fashion & music for Interview,, Paper, Blackbook, & several other publications. I inhale the fumes of ephemera & get a contact high.

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