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ryanochoa (in LA)What's up tweeters! I play Lanny on Disney XD's Pair of Kings and I love communicating with you all!
ljLoch (in sydney)foodie, wine-ey, travel-obsessed syd based public affairs practitioner (with a past in journalism and politics shhh!)
bbvintage (in NY...the Western portion)...with facts like that, it's amazing you didn't grow up in a trailer...joke maker. story writer. vintage seller.
sucregandhi (in Belgium)Père et grand-père, retraité, adore la sieste, passionné de Grangé et Chattam, randonneur de photoblogs, aime le Mâcon blanc, découvre le Web 2.
johawke (in Virginia, USA)Catholic wife & mother fascinated by teaching, technology, language, design & music. Other sites: and
enda (in ÜT: -6.246149,106.791228)You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?' || What's hot on Indonesia Twitter? Click:
tsuneduka (in Tokyo, Japan)宗教学研究者。東京大学大学院退学。真宗大谷派僧侶。哲学と現実、笑いと怒りのはざまに身を置きつつ。(個人アカウントであり上記のいずれの組織も代表していません。スパム以外は基本的にブロックしませんが、積極的フォロー返しはしません。Powered by
WilliamBuzy (in Pau)Journaliste, documentariste, auteur. File des coups de main aux jeunes journalistes avec la CAJJ. S'applique pour ses #FF, répond poliment à chaque @ et DM.
JapanNewbie (in USA)Lived in Japan from 2001 to 2008. Freelance Japanese-English translator. Studying Chinese. Moving to Shanghai in April! 写真も好き.
gustavorabay (in -7.115809,-34.825904)Doutor em Direito, Estado e Constituição (UnB) e Mestre em Direito Público (UFPE). Professor e advogado. Bem ou mau, é humorado

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