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shibleylondon (in London)like cafes/coffee. I love meeting people and Camden (Primrose Hill) where I live. Interested in neuroethics, medicie and the law.
alexrichman (in London/York)journalist, student and, from september, journalism student at City
iannutt (in London)Project/Operations Director, Web specialist, Daddy, liberal, Sound man, Masterchef, Bon Viveur, CTID, One Love y'all...
hugophan (in London)Friendly neighbourhood Virtualisation Evangelist
PhilGeek (in London)An American in London, an analytic philosopher
jonathaneric (in iPhone: 51.585738,-0.141712)Filmmaker and Apple Certified Trainer, now based in London
moustaki (in London)Linking open music data
chrsoz (in London)Co-founder RoR shopping utility; ex-MSM; gadget freak; nokia fan-boy; family guy; runner; into power of intention and empowering the individual
JonSatriani (in London, United Kingdom)A chemistry PR, I love science, tech, Macs and PCs, comedy and miscellany
rorybrown (in London)B2B media and marketing. ex-MD Incisive Media. Currently working on a new business.

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