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Bethany_Kate (in Spokane, WA)Wife to a fab man, mom to twin toddlers, stepmom to 2 teen girls. Love Spokane, family, friends, wine, food, music, martinis, movies, social networking
deepthoughtslr (in Allston, MA)Kenya dig it? I'm fucking deep. Art, reading, music, food, cats. These are my only interests.
annelou_ (in Norway)I love life !!! Music to listen to and, politics, literature, food, movies... hey, I like almost everything... nice!
cmartellotti (in San Francisco)Measuring Music and Media
stevefurman (in Chicago)Encouraging the convergence of society, media and technology. Design and Social Media Director at Discover Financial Services.
NiuB (in China)tech . 臺北 . media . coffee . 昆明 . cinema . art . 北京 . music . food & drink . life . brooklyn
erinamoore (in clintonville, columbus, oh)executive director of columbus music co-op, lover of all things music & cmh
gretared (in SF)A product designer and fledgling mother. Also I love music.
john_reyes (in Southern California)Expressive, intellectual, and driven lover of Catholicism, music, football, gadgets, media, and restaurant hunting.
kajz (in Birmingham (UK), Dubai (UAE))Pursuing Bachelors at Aston University, Birmingham. Interests: Finance, Audit, Accountancy, Tech, Behavioural Psychology, Social Work, Music, Guitar & Movie

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