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andrevr (in Simon's Town, South Africa)Photographer, Engineer, Geek
tebot (in La Paz, Bolivia)Evangelizador oficial de la comunidad de software libre Bolivia
mathiepe (in Gent, Belgium)I love and like music, soccer, sports in general, movies, internet, software, party games, webdesign, my family & friends, life in general and much more...
rinygrin (in Vancouver, BC)I'm a 19 year old who's unemployed and wasting time on the internets. I'm fascinated by Politics (Canadian and American), Blogging and much more.
tataencu (in Bucharest, Romania)Senior Software Developer
WadeOnTweets (in Birmingham, Alabama)A Birmingham native, writer, editor, journalist and raconteur. Founder, Birmingham Blogging Academy:
ianshepherd (in Cambridge, UK)Music is my thing. I'm a mastering engineer & producer, obsessed by great sound, Apple tech and Twitter. Top tools: SADiE, MacBook Pro, Pro Tools, my ears
the_dre (in Bellville, Cape Town, ZA)Mojito drinking, golfer, poker playing, camping father/husband who's interested in business and technology
BoraZ (in Chapel Hill NC)Science communication: blogging, publishing, teaching. Public Library of Science. Chapel Hill NC
thomasshaw (in Melbourne)Influencer, online recruitment, recruitment marketing, job boards, interested in web2.0, LAMP

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