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RobbieFogal (in Ottawa, Canada)I have a love/hate relationship with everything.
hajane (in Surrey, UK)Twentysomething editor with a passion for shoes and cars
mickie84 (in Norge)Bor i en dyrehage, er visst ikke noe mer spennende å si
Beezpeanutz (in UK)WDSGlobal Team
nosnevelxela (in DC)When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
cuppycake (in California)unlike money, cupcakes can buy love
kristyann (in Everywhere @kristy is.)This is not the official "Kristy Bolsinger" twitter account any longer. Please see @kristy
twitess (in Essex)I paint, write, make a mess, clear it up.
EddieDevil (in Earth (mostly))I clean up after El Gorgo
digory79 (in Tulsa, OK)I am a little church no great cathedral

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