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CharacterConnec Changing the Hearts and Minds
dugsong (in Ann Arbor, MI)biz: geek: and 'man ssh' :-)
RichGibson (in Bay Area, CA)Programmer, geowanker, author
Cerise_J (in Dublin, Ireland.)All things pinko and leftie. Interests: Saving the world, baking muffins, house music, human rights...
JeMaGa (in Somewhere in French Brittany)30+, Computers & High Tech, Mac, Linux & PC, Metal Music, Video Games, Sex, Politics, Photography... not in this order and mixed together ;-) #hashtagma
30two_Design (in UK)30two design, draw, and make things for print. We also grow brands, giving companies a face, voice, personality, and some swanky new clothes to wear...
Li_Simon Account Planner wanna-be, special interest in psychology, sociology and anthropology
Weltenkreuzer (in Oldenburg, Germany)Allerlei Kreuz- und Quergedanken - Soziologie, Wissenschaft, Leben und Alltag
jeremynorris (in iPhone: 32.970016,-117.036224)Software Engineer, JEE, EJB3, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, SEAM, JSF, Facelets, ESB, Web Services, REST, Groovy, Scala, Ruby, Design Patterns
InvisibleGreen (in Atlanta)nature junkie -- photographer

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