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brandjoe (in iPhone: 51.429541,-0.547697)Chief Buzz Officer & Digital Designer @bethehurricane Web & Graphic Design, UX, UI, Photography, Marketing in all its forms, Basketball, Skiing
reachbranding (in New York, NY)Founded in 2001 by William Arruda, Reach is the global leader in personal branding.
AlanColmes (in New York)Host of Alan Colmes Show on radio, Fox News contributor
akearns (in Central New Jersey)Program Coordinator, CJRLC, and a librarian who loves technology, teaching, training, politics, philosophy, knitting, books, bulldogs, and running 5K's!
conservfeed (in New England)Conservative. Don't agree with leadership in Washington. Time for real change. Follow and I follow back unless you are porn, just selling or libtard.
Pvw2180 (in Antwerp)Vader van drie voetbalgekke zonen, Geek, Gamer, Getronics sales manager, fan van Schalke04, mijn Honda VT1100, Antwerpen en web2.0.
terrym (in Leeds and York, UK)University admin? Databases? Process maps? Bureaucracy? I love it! It's GREAT! Haha ha hahaHAHAHAA! *twitch*
rww (in World Wide Web)Follow ReadWriteWeb for the latest in web technology and social media trends.
ireneabcd (in amsterdam)About Brands Concepts Design I brand-developer I conceptual-thinker I designer I entrepreneur I fair-trade I globetrotter I heart-driven I inspired I
johnytyh (in Sao Paulo, Brazil)new media enthusiast, aspiring scientist, culture paradox, skeptic, geek

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