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june_li (in Toronto)Online marketing optimization, web analytics consultant, educator, speaker, evangelist. Helps business and tech sync and soar online.
amabaie (in Chesterville, Ontario)Thinking outside the box for success online - SEO, viral, writing...and a little bit of happiness for good measure.
yo_Antitwitter (in Madrid, Spain)online since 1995
darlingbuds (in Brighton)Marketing & communications consultant, writer, analyst, maybe even an influencer on interactive digital media, especially with mobility. I get about quite a
imascientist (in Bradford on Avon)I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here! is an online event that gets young people talking to real scientists online.
Muserrr (in @Harpers_Globe!)Harpers Island/Harpers Globe SuperFan, Wife of @BiboJim, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Web Addict, C6 Quad, Mac Worshipper
EmilyCagle (in Lincolnshire / London)Marketing and Communications Consultant (copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, marketing, public relations and more...)
PassiFloramag (in Montreal, Quebec)a bi-monthly (once every two months) online magazine about eco-friendly living, environment, vegetarian cooking, and green arts and crafts.
amybarton (in Portland, Oregon)New Media Communications, Intel Software Network blogger & video producer, latte and chai addict, blue heeler fan
HarkerGirl (in Chicago, IL)Corporate communications consultant. Love to travel. Eating yummy and unique food makes me happy. Still holding out hope for the Cubs.

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