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beamagency (in London, UK)PR agency specialising in Tech, Gadgets and Toys
OBA9 (in UK)Professional Footballer (STRIKER)
pgainley (in London,England)Software Architect / Prototyper
EllieShaddick (in London)Tech PR
Neil_CB (in London)Philosophy Post-Grad Student stuck in a dull job; trying to figure out how to break free. Prone to daydreaming, partial to Tequila.
everydaygirl (in London)i am a human being...peace yo'
mpb (in UK)Computer Security, OpenAFS, Linux, travel, photography, music
dzierzanowski (in UK, South Coast)Guitarist, Free Improv, Computer Security, Linux, Healing, Homeopathy
homemadedigital (in London)Delivering elegant, effective digital for the Third Sector :-)
attitudeis (in London)improving deaf and disabled people's access to live music

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