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StevenTuck (in West Yorkshire)Local Government Web Developer interest: Social Media, Web 2.0
ammaryasir (in Karachi )Co-founder of, blogger, Internet Junkie, Social Media Avangelist
doughamlin (in Minneapolis)Web developer in social media department of large PR agency; Twin Citizen; News junkie; Dirty martini aficionado; @TwinsBaseball fan; I reject Type A/B theory
sm63 (in India)Internet Entrepreneur, Web 2.0, Social Media, Ecommerce. Family, Music, Films, Travel, Sports, Friends, Books, Podcasts, Blogging
JLanie (in OKC, Oklahoma)Social Media Advocate in training to become a Social Media Ninja. I love OK and all things ORANGE.
abisignorelli (in Ealing, Greater London (51.502)Internal Comms Director at Virgin Media. Fascinated by social media - esp Twitter!
davidswinney (in Plano, Texas)Social media and photography enthusiast, Internet geek, LOST and BSG fan. Proud to be from Louisville, Kentucky and glad to reside in North Texas.
shelley1005 (in Upstate NY)fiery red head, social worker, veggie girl, sox fan, elliptical lover, reality tv junkie, etc.
sahurley A little social media news, a little Wisconsin politics news, some Badgers and Packers, lots of Brewers.
kdelarue (in Pascoe Vale)AcKnowledge Consulting - acting on knowledge, communication and learning. Focus: Sales Force efficiency, Knowledge Management toolkit, Social Media, speaking.

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