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0h_sweetheart (in MKE)music, coffee, computers.
Followers: 92 Following: 77 (Update)
Tweets per day: 2.5 Twanalyst type (?): SHARER
1upcake I'm a communication junkie who likes coffee, semantics, dreiche days, witty banter, clever comedy, and hockey. Warning: I tweet alot.
Followers: 7 Following: 18 (Update)
Tweets per day: 6.8 Twanalyst type (?): POET
_derrick (in Kelowna)code + books + bikes + type + coffee = 42
Followers: 72 Following: 92 (Update)
Tweets per day: 0.4 Twanalyst type (?): LURKER
_hedoniste I get excited about computer games, tupperware, bikes, conversation and coffee.
Followers: 83 Following: 24 (Update)
Tweets per day: 2.1 Twanalyst type (?): GURU
_meredith_ (in Perth)Lover of bright shiny things, maker of school lunches, trouble and jewellery, deciding that coffee and chocolate are their own food group
Followers: 69 Following: 60 (Update)
Tweets per day: 0.5 Twanalyst type (?): LURKER
_pix (in BC, Canada)Just a uni student and a multitasking, coffee loving, communication junkie. I know a little bit about alot of things but not alot about anything.
Followers: 83 Following: 67 (Update)
Tweets per day: 15.9 Twanalyst type (?): NETWORKER
_teatime coffee- web- music- ballroom/latin-dance- cereal- ...holic.
Followers: 249 Following: 311 (Update)
Tweets per day: 5.4 Twanalyst type (?): TALKER
_whirlwind (in I'm over here!)I like eating biscuits, swinging round on my chair, drinking too much black coffee and enormous earrings
Followers: 108 Following: 133 (Update)
Tweets per day: 2.2 Twanalyst type (?): TALKER
aaronaiken (in Harrisburg, PA)Owner of @TrimTabCreative, screencast and voiceover production co. Enjoy reading and drinking coffee.
Followers: 1304 Following: 66 (Update)
Tweets per day: 20.3 Twanalyst type (?): CELEBRITY
abu718 (in iPhone: 29.857836,-90.045876)Mongo: generous belly full of spite. Also, coffee.
Followers: 436 Following: 102 (Update)
Tweets per day: 8.4 Twanalyst type (?): POET
accomplice (in San Francisco)User Experience Designer, and friend of coffee.
Followers: 200 Following: 260 (Update)
Tweets per day: 1.3 Twanalyst type (?): WRITER
acedtect (in Oakland)Host of CNET.com podcasts and videos, as well as East Meets West and Sword and Laser podcasts. And as always, Coffee achiever
Followers: 17956 Following: 304 (Update)
Tweets per day: 5.1 Twanalyst type (?): ROBOT
acoffeetogo (in Cary, NC)Happy Carolina gal married to a State guy, mother of two loveable dogs and expecting baby #1
Followers: 35 Following: 35 (Update)
Tweets per day: 0.8 Twanalyst type (?): SHARER
adeah (in Portland, Oregon)Coffee, Photography, Social Media (oh you too! huh.) Dancing crazy w/my daughter, Networking (face to face & virtual), Reading non-fiction, will Retweet for
Followers: 1775 Following: 1948 (Update)
Tweets per day: 1.2 Twanalyst type (?): CELEBRITY
adolvsson (in Stockholm, Sweden)Closer to coffee, further from sanity.
Followers: 143 Following: 89 (Update)
Tweets per day: 0.6 Twanalyst type (?): TALKER
adrianh (in Dorset, UK)Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot.
Followers: 800 Following: 860 (Update)
Tweets per day: 6.7 Twanalyst type (?): BOFFIN
aecollins1 (in Sydney, Australia)PhD Student, Coffee Roaster and Espresso Geek, OS X Coder, Food Lover
Followers: 31 Following: 39 (Update)
Tweets per day: 0.4 Twanalyst type (?): BOFFIN
afox98 (in Houston, Texas)Mother of 2 boys, technical communication manager at software company, likes books, coffee, laughing, shopping, dogs, and good manners.
Followers: 384 Following: 298 (Update)
Tweets per day: 7.7 Twanalyst type (?): SHARER
agilecoach (in SF Bay Area)Agile/XP/Scrum coach and trainer (with a decade of real coaching experience!)
Followers: 262 Following: 119 (Update)
Tweets per day: 2.6 Twanalyst type (?): GURU
aguynamedmatt (in Grand Rapids, MI)A professional liar sporting a penchant for strong, fancy coffee and a knack for fortuitous happenstance.
Followers: 64 Following: 12 (Update)
Tweets per day: 1.3 Twanalyst type (?): SHARER
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