Cryptotab Review

Let me ask you a question?

What internet browser are you using? Google Chrome? Microsoft Edge? Firefox? Can browsers help with personalize content delivered to you?

Are you watching videos and consuming content online, regularly?

You and I have probably visited dozens, if not hundreds, of websites including Facebook every single day.

Would you like to try an internet browser that allows you to earn bitcoins (satoshi) while browsing, surfing the web, doing work stuff, all on autopilot?

I know that this might sound too good to be true, but when I found out about the Cryptotab browser, it intrigued me.

I tried it out (it’s free to download and get started) and wonder if it’s really going to help me earn free bitcoins (satoshi). Currently, there are new users joining the Cryptocurrency world and now might be the best time to join them.

Cryptocurrency has exploded just recently, with Bitcoin reaching the price point as high as $60,000 USD per 1 BTC.

Cryptocurrency prices

If we all knew what would happen to Bitcoin, we would have probably bought as many Bitcoin as we can.

But today, thanks to the cryptotab browser, we can now start earning free BTC or satoshi as long as we use and launch the Cryptotab browser.

Skeptic? Just check out these screenshots:

$100+ of Bitcoin using my computer.. Yes, that’s free satoshi just from using and leaving the Cryptotab browser on.

If you’re already working from home or do most of your work in the computer, then it is as easy as switching your browser from the default to the Cryptotab browser.

I’ll show you how easy it is to get started and install Cryptotab.

How to Install the Cryptotab browser

If you’re interested in starting to earn satoshi (BTC) with your existing computer, I’ll show you the exact steps that I took. It’s really simple and easy, no need to accept cookies, modify your system, or anything like that.

You’ll be able to complete the installation and setup of Cryptotab browser in less than 10 minutes.

Before we get started, here are some things that you’ll to get going with Cryptotab.


  • A PC-based or Mac OS (Apple) based computer – no need for expensive GPU (video cards)
  • Administrator privileges on your computer to be able to install the cryptotab browser
  • Internet connection (recommended non-stop connection).
  • VPN (virtual private network) – optional but highly recommended to protect your privacy and security from hackers and identity thefts. Here’s my recommended VPN browser (LINK)
  • Unlimited number of PC desktops, Mac OS computers, Smartphones, & other devices
  • You’ll need an account with (Your gmail acccount will work). You can’t use other logins like in Facebook or on other social media websites.
  • Lower electricity consumption than what you can profit from mining Bitcoins.
  • A secure Crypto wallet to transfer the bitcoins you’ve mined with Cryptotab.


  1. Download the Cryptotab Browser from THIS LINK (referral link to Crypto tab). Make sure that the site is coming from a secure https location.
  2. After downloading file, double click on the file to start INSTALLING Cryptotab
  3. Follow the prompts & next steps. Highly recommended to make Cryptotab your default browser
  4. Sign up or connect your Google account to create your Crypto tab account
  5. Adjust mining lever to MAX for top mining speed
  6. Depending on your CPU speed and processor clock, you’ll start earning your free satoshi
  7. Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Cryptotab and started mining free BTC (satoshi)

Top Features of Cryptotab Browser

I was super excited when I first heard about the Cryptotab browser. I was really skeptical at first.

Who would have thought that the Cryptotab browser can become one of the best free ways to earn BTC or satoshi.

And while I’m new to using the Cryptotab browser (barely a month), I was able to earn a significant amount of BTC with just a few computers, a bunch of old Google Pixel smartphones, and the Cloud Boost feature (which I’ll share in just a short while).

[LINK to PHONEMINING with Google Pixel phones]

Has a built-in mining algorithm

While the Cryptotab browser doesn’t show any of the most popular mining software like Trex, Gminer, Phoenix miner, it does work on the background.

They don’t reveal what they mine, but you’ll earn Satoshi (BTC) on your Cryptotab account.

For my older computer and newer computers, everything does work properly as described.

My CPU fans starts to kick on when I start mining bitcoins.

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to mine bitcoins without spending thousands on GPU mining hardware like the Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 series which can cost thousands in scalpel prices.

I’ll show you how you can withdraw those bitcoins into your crypto wallets in just a short while.

Cryptotab has different mining speeds from Minimum to Maximum. If you want the highest speed for mining more satoshi (bitcoin), ALWAYS set your Cryptotab browser setting to Maximum.

Multiple devices features for connected remote devices

 One of the services available within your Cryptotab account is the ability to manage your account using your smartphone. It provides you with a safer experience because you can always use what devices you already have.

There’s no need to purchase any other device for mining crypto.

Low minimum withdrawal amount to your BTC wallet of choice

If you want to transfer your BTC to your wallet as fast as you can, you can continue with the recommended low minimum withdrawal amount.

I usually just set this to default at the low minimum withdrawal threshold.

Affiliate programs & referral programs to earn bitcoin faster

Did you know as Cryptotab users, you can start earning bitcoin faster by building your farm network and by joining their referral program?

By sharing your personal link from the Official website (join Cryptotab’s referral program), you can now start tracking how many people signed up for Cryptotab under your network.

Mining bitcoin without the need for expensive GPU hardware

Getting a hold of the latest Nvidia RTX video cards (3090, 3o80, 3070, 3060 ti) is almost next to impossible.

Fortunately, the Cryptotab browser it’s important to note that doesn’t rely on GPU hardware or any special apps to start the mining process. This is one of my top favorite mining features.

Cloud Boost helps you earn satoshi up to 15x faster

This is an optional but highly recommended feature of using Cryptotab. When I first started mining BTC (satoshis), I was barely getting a few cents each day.

I think it was just around $0.10-$0.25/day approximately that I earn each day (in satoshi).

So I started to add more devices including Smartphone devices to Cryptotab. This has helped increase the total hash rates of my Cryptotab account.

But I was still struggling because I only had a few computers available for use.

This optional ‘Boost’ one of the services and tools available inside the Cryptotab platform. I’ve added my credit card and paid for the annual plan for the 15x boost.

That literally changed my hash rates and my earning per day. I think I’m now getting 200,000+ hash rates per second which translates to around $3 or more each day.

If you sign up for my Cryptotab referral link here, I’ll send you a FREE bonus on how I was able to boost my hash rates and earn faster in Cryptotab.

No annoying Accept Cookies notifications

No need for technical skills to understand the mining algorithm

That’s correct. This is probably the easiest way to legitimately earn Bitcoin. just download the browser, create an account and start mining bitcoins.

Non-technical mining features – if you don’t have a technical background you can still use Cryptotab because they are easy to use and configure.

It is a lightweight browser

Mobile App (Free and PRO version)

PRO App available for Android Smartphone users who wants the PRO version. The Free mobile app version of Cryptotab allows you to mine cryptotab using your Android devices. Sorry iOS users but mining speed is limited because of Apple issues.

There is a paid PRO version that allows you to mine with longer reset time (3 hours instead of 2 for the free version).

The mining speed of the mobile apps has also been increased to around 1,500 hashes per second.

Features that I didn’t like about Crypto Tab

For additional information about Cryptotab, you can check out their official website here.

It doesn’t serve relevant ads – I got used to using Google Chrome which had. Tons of ads, and I’ve noticed that with the Cryptotab browsers, I don’t get relevant ads.

New tab page on home link

Drop down menu for accounts are repetiting on multiple pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase the mining speed of Cryptotab

That’s a good question, and it’s something that you definitely want to do because it will increase the amount and speed that you earn free satoshi or bitcoins

How much can you earn with Cryptotab

You can earn as many satoshi and bitcoin as you like, as long as you have your computers running. With my current setup of Cloud Boost, I’m averaging between 100K-200K+ H/S. Sign up for Cryptotab via my affiliate link and I’ll send you a full guide of my Cryptotab setup.

I’ve calculated that it’s helping me earn at least $3-5 USD worth of Bitcoin a day.
Obviously, the more devices (computers, smart phones, Android devices) that you connect with your Cryptotab account, the more satoshis (and bitcoin) you could earn.

How do you earn with Cryptotab

Your earnings in Cryptotab will be in BTC or Bitcoins, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. In order to get this cryptocurrency, you need to get a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are a lot of popular Cryptowallets out there. My favorite wallets to use are Atomic Wallet (which is FREE) and the Hardware wallet : Ledger.
Ledger is a hardware wallet and is a more secure way to hold your Cryptocurrencies.

Once you’ve reached the minimum balance of amount needed for withdrawal, you can request payments to be sent to your Crypto wallet (minus network fees).

Is the Cryptotab browser safe to install?

Yes. As long as you’ve download the Cryptotab browser via their main website. Here’s an affiliate link for Cryptotab. This will redirect you to the Official website where you could download the browser for free.

Do I need to accept cookies, is it virus safe?

Accepting cookies (tracking and cookie uses) for website visitors have now been synonyms for acquiring consent. Cookies are used to enhance your browsing experience, but because of privacy reasons, you need to make sure that these things are set in place properly. No one can access your Cryptotab account unless someone got access of your Google account.

Who are the creators of Cryptotab?

I am not particular sure who created Cryptotab. But it’s definitely one of a kind of tool and services for mining Cryptocurrency. Check put these links to visit the official website.

When was Cryptotab founded and started?

Cryptotab was founded recently, only a couple of years ago. But so is Bitcoin and satoshi.

Will my electricity bills increase because of Cryptotab?

Yes, that’s correct. More mining computers and GPU means that more devices, computers and gadgets are being used to mine more Cryptocurrency coins.