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dre051 (in Jakarta, Indonesia)Graphic designer, illustrator, interweb surfer, pc+mac user, future distro owner
SageCowsert (in Washington - The state people)I do stuff with stuff and some times I make stuff with stuff. Other times I don't and stuff.
formalhaut (in germany)graphic designer · japan lover · mac aficionado · music addict · coffee junkie · chocolate connaisseur · space enthusiast · motorsport fan
sleggat (in Taipei, Taiwan)Freelance graphic designer / web developer living in Taipei, Taiwan. Hire me.
mayankgarg (in Ann Arbor)Photographer, Graphic & Web Designer, Typography lover, Tech Enthusiast.
youheartus (in Queens, NY)Julie Zidel • Graphic Designer • Crafter • Music Freak • Baseball fan
stijnannendijck (in Brussels)passionate graphic designer
gerard79 (in Cebu, Philippines / Dubai, UAE)a lead web/graphic designer who currently works in Dubai Media City. I love sports and martial arts. I constantly stay up to date with current events
fourgrant (in Memphis,TN)likes: music and interactive stuff. dislikes: long walks in the park.
NinkyBink Free spirited fashion designer, illustrator, cardio bunny, freedom loving, girly girl

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