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glynette (in Brentwood, TN)I have been called a PollyAnna, sugar-coated idealist. I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that.
johncarneyau (in Melbourne, Australia)Voted person most likely to neglect filling in the "about me" section in profile pages
moldor (in Penrith, New South Wales)Mac and Linux geek. Blackberry Server, Exchange and general Windows Server admin (to pay the bills !!)
whiteley (in York, PA USA)Teacher, geoscience, local junior golf board member,, 2 great kids, wife of 26 years
dslifton (in Chicago, IL)I'm tall
G_Rak (in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)Projects | Events | Production | Parties
scumm_boy (in 43.22 -79.97)Learning about life, love and Network Administration in all the wrong places.
securityintern (in in the classroom)just The Intern
interiorhq (in Dallas, TX)We are your source for all things related to the interior design industry.
ajinnashville (in Nashville, TN)Not your average middle-aged, pseudo-intellectual hipster dufus. I'm a web tink'rer, deep think'r, lil' stink'r. I love to make people smile and make 'em think.

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