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Anrkist (in Houston, TX)I could talk about myself all day. 160 charachters is just not enough.
cinderyella (in Houston)Status Quo Antagonist. Champion of Skepticism. Rabid Contrarian. But really a nice lil gal.
ItsKJ (in Houston, TX)I run, cook, and geek out alot.
SparrowApril (in Houston, TX)Wife, Mom, Blogger, Crafter, Cook, Kindle owner, Aspie Mom, ADHD Mom, Woman of Faith, ECWL class member
chrisacampbell (in Houston, TX)Tech guy and computer teacher at a K-5 Houston school
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loudandskittish (in Ottawa)Freelance journalist in Ottawa
bobreyes (in Makati City)Educator, Technopreneur, Musician, & Father of Robyn Andi Xeon
fabiocicerchia (in Rome, Italy)Web 2.0 Developer + PHP Programmer (ZCE)
michaelcabrera (in Nevada, USA)International Affairs student at the University of Nevada
Erinkyan Dominant pansexual polyamorous intergendered ftm transgendered disabled shenanigan-loving artistic educational outside the box pervert.

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