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laurakalbag (in Between Reigate and Bath, UK.)Final year Graphics student mad about the web (design and development, especially WordPress)
sarabury (in Lancaster, UK)PhD student at Lancaster University, photography mad, World of Warcraft addict.
parrais (in Cheshire, UK)IT manager, new dad and gamer, originally from Derby.
Z303 (in Bristol, UK)Recovering games coder, good at breaking things
jjpadvis (in Coventry, UK)A teacher of, well, stuff.
Hooded (in England, UK) What to say? Erm, you should know who I am if not, Get out ! =P Just kiddin, Welcome. Check back now and then for updates =D
atomichris (in Chapel Hill, NC)Atomichris, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Chris Kirkman, a young loner on a crusade to champion the longer bio line...
Stripelady (in Glasgow, Scotland, UK): Events Producer...I make things happen...
caroltweets (in Fife, UK)Mum of two pre-schoolers, runs own business making personalised gifts and studying for Psychology degree. Currently enjoying encaustic art!
scribb (in Lisburn, UK)Doctor, Wow'er, Geek, Mac and PC owner, Tired.

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