Is it too late to become a YouTuber (aspiring vloggers or entrepreneurs) and make money on this video sharing platform in 2021 and beyond?

Nope, I don’t think so and here’s why…

According to Statista, there’s roughly 2.3 million active users on YouTube every single month (just second to Facebook).

And while there’re tons of YouTube creators and channels in virtually almost every niche, tons of users are joining the platform every single day. 

If you’ve been wanting to launch your YouTube channel, but have been putting it on hold, there’s a course and program that can help you skip all the frustrations and headache in getting started: Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par

Who is Matt Par?

If you don’t know who Matt Par is, here’s a quick list of the most important facts about him (based on my research). 

  • 19-year-old YouTuber with a golden YouTube play button award (1million+ subscribers)
  • He does this without creating videos that show your own faces
  • Created a Free Webinar Training (register here) on how he did this. [Watch here].
  • Has run 9 YouTube channels including Make Money with Matt channel
  • Started his journey when he was only 14 years old
  • He has been earning income online from his YouTube channels
  • YouTube expert since 2014
  • Creative entrepreneur who is a 19-year-old YouTube entrepreneur

To be completely transparent, I’ve never met Matt Par online or virtually. But I’ve subscribed and followed one of his YouTube channels for quite some time. 

I liked his casual, no B.S. style on his YouTube channel “Make Money with Matt”. 

He has an exceptional skill and method of making things memorable and easy to understand.

Just watch and join his free training here on how to make money on YouTube without making videos, and you’ll understand what I meant when you watch his free training here.

There are tons of gurus and YouTube experts out there, but what made I think made Matt Par different was that he could replicate his success in multiple channels.

He actually has 9 YouTube channels and had multiple YouTube play award buttons to prove that his methods worked.

I’ll talk more about these award buttons in just a short while.

The guy that inspired me to level up my YouTube game in 2021

I’m personally not impressed with marketing gurus who pose behind expensive luxury cars or humongous mansions. You can easily rent those and put a facade of having more success than what it really is.

I didn’t see that in any of Matt Par’s images or videos. 

His videos have inspired me to be authentic and transparent in my YouTube videos as he was in his.

After spending dozens of hours watching endless YouTube strategies and videos on how to get started with YouTube, Vlogging and making money online, I’m glad that I could find Matt’s Tube Mastery and Monetization Program version 2.0

If you want to take a sneak peek on what Matt Par do, join this free webinar training.

Check out Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization v2.0

How do you make money without showing faces

Is it really possible to create YouTube videos showing your face? Is it really possible to build a huge following and audience on YouTube even if you’re a total beginner, or completely afraid of the camera?

Yes, it seems possible.

I’ve done this myself by recording the computer video screen and uploading those videos on YouTube.

But I really haven’t done most of the strategies and content creation tips that Matt shares inside his Tube Mastery 2.0 and Monetization Program.

If you’re wondering what topics and contents are available inside this program, check the descriptions below.

Introducing Matt Par’s Course: Tube Mastery and Monetization

Who is this course for?

Matt’s course provides 24×7 access to anyone who would like to get started with building their YouTube channel and monetize it. This is for anyone who would like to learn how to start, grow, monetize and build a hyper-profitable YouTube channel even if you’re a complete beginner.

So what can you learn inside this course?

You’ll discover Matt’s personal strategies, hacks and secrets in growing quickly and going viral. Stuff that I’ve never seen others talk about and taught anywhere else.

The Tube Mastery and Monetization version 2.0

What’s inside Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization Course?

Module 1 – Matt’s YouTube Blueprint

In this module, you’ll discover the 3 stages that Matt uses every time he launches a new YouTube channel. During this Beta Phase, he’ll teach you what he does to find profitable niches and how to plan his content creation strategy.

Then in the next phase of this module, you’ll discover his so call “33 videos”, what they are and why they are important. This strategy ALONE is super important and useful.

The 33 videos strategy is a great way to plan what type of videos you need to create and upload on your NEW YouTube channel.

The last phase in this module is all about Scaling and Outsourcing this process (if you want). Although I highly recommend that you do at least the first 10-20 videos of this process to get yourself familiarize with everything.

Module 2

In module 2, this is where you can get up to speed, especially if you haven’t decided on what niche or topic yet for your YouTube channel.

This module will show you the best high CPM niches, how to do market research, and there’s also a bonus list that contains over a hundred plus profitable niches.

Module 3

Module 3 is going to teach you the details. You’ll learn what the 33 rule is all about and how to use it to grow your YouTube channel faster. You’ll also discover Matt’s favorite YouTube Tool and why it’s super useful to have.

You’ll discover Matt’s personal SEO keyword strategies and process.

Module 4

This module is all about creating your videos. He’ll show you how to create and what a Viral Video looks like. You’ll discover how to systematize your videos, find content you can use for FREE, edit your videos for FREE, and how to create thumbnails that can increase your Click-Through-Rates.

Module 5

This module is all about YouTube’s algorithm, the facts and the myths. You’ll also discover when is the best time of day to upload and how to schedule your videos to be published during this time.

Module 6

This module is about monetizing your YouTube channel and the different methods of earning income for your YouTube channel.

Module 7

Finally, this module will teach you how to automate, outsource and scale your YouTube channel. You’ll discover scripts and tactics on how to hire the right people and how to systematize the entire process.

What makes Matt Par’s YouTube strategy unique? 

33 video rule

What are the bonuses available when I join this program?

Stay tuned!

How much to join this course and program?

Check out the special discount pricing of Tube Mastery and Monetization here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Matt Par’s channels?

I know one of Matt’s channel and it’s his Make Money with Par YouTube channel. There are rumors that his channel that helped him earn the Golden play button is from his “Time Travel” channel (although I haven’t verified this).

How much did Google pay for YouTube in 2006

Google bought YouTube back in 2006 for roughly $1.65 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money, but it paid off because YouTube is now bringing around $15 billion of revenue every single year (and it’s growing).

How to get started with your YouTube Channel

The first step is to create or use your own Google account. Then search for the link on Google on how to create a YouTube account or brand.

You’ll want to create either a personal brand or a faceless channel. Personal brands showcase the YouTube creator as the personality behind the channel. Or you can create faceless channels which basically is a bunch of videos that can go viral on YouTube, but all without showing your face or being the brand behind these videos.

If you want to know what are the next steps you need to take, then this is where Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course comes in. It will provide you with a clear roadmap, blueprint and strategy and how to grow your YouTube channel fast and learn how to start monetizing it.

How do you get the Silver and Gold play button awards?

You’ll get the Silver play button once you hit the 1st big milestone as a YouTube creator of 100,000+ subscribers. Then once you hit the 1 million subscriber mark, you’ll get the Gold Play button award.

What are some of the interesting stats on YouTube?

90% of the most viral videos on YouTube are mostly 10 minutes long. And the average view duration of those videos are around 60%, which means that people watch more than half of the 10 minutes (around 6 minutes) on these viral videos.