What’s this all about?

Twanalyst analyses your Twitter profile and your last 100 tweets (if you’ve written that many yet) – then makes some sweeping judgements about your personality based on how often you tweet, how many friends and followers you have, the content of your tweets and so on. There are more than 30,000 different possible results the site can give. If you’re offended by what it says – don’t be: it’s just a bit of fun, dude! On a more serious note, the site also analyses the above to make some practical suggestions as to how you can improve your tweeting or increase your follower count. Thanks for trying it out, and enjoy!

Extra features
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NEW! Add /track to see graphs charting your follower/friend/tweet stats over time
NEW! Add /suggest to get recommendations of people like you to follow!
NEW! Try yoursearchterm/key to search user biographies!
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Some explanations…
The readability figure is based on the Automated Readability Index – this looks at the length of sentences and individual words you use to assess the complexity of the writing. A score between about 6 and 12 represents normal prose: below is simplistic and above is technical or obscure.

The site reads your Twitter profile and your recent tweets – the numbers of friends and followers are particularly important, and the type of tweet you write most often, ie whether you are replying to other people, sharing links, using hashtags, retweeting or just writing something. There are now 15 overall types suggested. These, from most common down to the rarest (figures are approximate) are:

TALKER (12%) – a general keen conversationalist
SHARER (10%) – someone who shares lots of links etc they’ve found
NEWBIE (9%) – someone with few friends or followers yet
NETWORKER (9%) – a conversationalist who tweets a lot
WRITER (8%) – a general keen tweeter of their own content
POET (8%) – a writer who tweets more than usual
CELEBRITY (8%) – someone with a large following
SOCIALITE (8%) – someone who is mainly in conversation with people
BOFFIN (7%) – someone whose language is generally advanced or technical
ROBOT (7%) – someone whose tweets are mostly links
LURKER (5%) – someone who doesn’t tweet very much
GURU (4%) – someone with many followers but doesn’t follow back so much
VOYEUR (3%) – someone who reads lots of others but has few followers
PARROT (1%) – someone who retweets excessively
ODDBALL (1%) – someone who overuses hashtags
How does the /suggest feature work? It finds other Twitter users who have things in common with you: namely your Twanalyst personality type, how often they tweet, where they are in the world and what they are interested in. The ‘close matches’ feature means you have clearly stated interests/location in common – the ‘loose matches’ list (not everyone will have close matches anyway) shows a range of people who at least have a similar tweeting style to you.

There will be improvements to the site in due course, with new features (which will reveal more about how your tweeting changes over time, and how many people read your tweets!) – please follow @hatmandu if you’d like updates on this and other daft projects, what I’m having for lunch, etc. If you’re a blogger, you might enjoy the Blogalyser (analyses writing style) or LiveJournal personality test.